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TRscaler appliances have a XMPP client technology communicating with TRscaler central server if customer gives permission to remote support service. Normally remote support service is default inactive (OFF). TRscaler appliances provide a connection method for located behind (different) NAT routers. This can be used without any router modification.

With remote support module, TRscaler support engineers can manage your appliances remotely with your permission. Each step will be logged in the TRscaler appliance and each changes will asked the local administrator. Without acceptance remote engineers cannot change any information.

The Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is an application profile of the Extensible Markup Language [XML] for streaming XML data in close to real time between any two (or more) network-aware entities. XMPP is typically used to exchange messages, share presence information, and engage in structured request-response interactions. 

XMPP assumes a client-server architecture, where in a client utilizing XMPP accesses a server (normally over a [TCP] connection) and servers can also communicate with each other over TCP connections.