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Green IT

On average, a physical server (especially web application servers) uses only 15% of its capacity. During this time, it continues to consume a 100% of its resources and notably electrical, for its own requirements and the machines which cool them. In short: they pollute more than they need to, and this is more a choice in technology rather than components or methods used.

What we do

TRscaler reduce your web server loads and improve delivery speeds to clients. Our caching systems store hot objects in RAM and secondary objects on fast local SSD RAID disks (Tired Cache Mechanism) and run average hit-rate of approximately 75%, effectively quadrupling the capacity of the web servers behind them. This is particularly noticeable when a large surge of traffic arrives directed to a particular page via a web link from another site, as the caching efficiency for that page will be nearly 100%. 

TRscaler Web Acceleration services provide;

  • Static object caching
  • Site Optimization and caching, (sits between users and servers)
  • Applying web performance rules and best practices to every page of site without changing any code, to deliver faster pages to users.
  • Tracking and analyzing user behavior trends on site, in order to anticipate where users are likely to want to go, and then serve those resources to the user's browser before even clicks.