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What we did?

Inorder to
  • reduce bandwith costs,
  • increase the security,
  • increase the control over tablets and interactive boards,
  • ensure the continueing of interactive services in case of gateway loss,
  • etc,
There need to an all in one device which is working as a ,
  • CDN Server
  • DNS Server
  • CACHE Server
  • RADIUS Server,
at the same time in fully transparent bypass bridge interfaces and fully managable over Central Web Management System.

Fatih Project

“Movement of Enhancing Opportunities and Improving Technology”, known as FATIH, is among the most significant educational investments of Turkey.

FATIH Project proposes that “Smart Class” project is put into practice in all schools around Turkey. With this project, 42.000 schools and 570.000 classes will be equipped with the latest information technologies and will be transformed into computerized classes (Smart Class).

Turkey has initiated FATIH Project with the aim enabling equal opportunities in education and improving technology in our schools for the efficient usage of ICT tools in the learning-teaching processes by appealing to more sensory organs in all 42.000 schools and 570.000 classes that are in the preschool education, the primary education and the secondary education through providing tablets and LCD Interactive Boards. In-service Trainings for teachers are going to be held in order to provide effective usage of the ICT equipment in the classrooms in the learning- teaching process. In this transformation process, educational e-contents are going to be formed in accordance with the current teaching programs.

In this regard, FATIH Project can be regarded as being composed of 5 different components and these components can be listed as:

  • Providing Equipment and Software Substructure
  • Providing Educational e-content and Management of e-content
  • Effective Usage of the ICT in Teaching Programs
  • In-service Training of the Teachers
  • Conscious, Reliable, Manageable and Measurable ICT Usage
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