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What we did?

Inorder to
  • reduce bandwith costs,
  • increase the security,
  • increase the control over tablets and interactive boards,
  • ensure the continueing of interactive services in case of gateway loss,
  • etc,
There need to an all in one device which is working as a ,
  • CDN Server
  • DNS Server
  • CACHE Server
  • RADIUS Server,
at the same time in fully transparent bypass bridge interfaces and fully managable over Central Web Management System.


Bilkent University Computational Electromagnetics Research Center (BiLCEM)

BiLCEM is a center of excellence dedicated to studying ways to solve real-life electromagnetics problems using cutting-edge computing technologies, such as parallel supercomputers. Applications include radars, antennas, mobile phone systems, remote sensing, imaging, optics, metamaterials and nanostructures. These complicated problems require the numerical solution of extremely large matrix equations.

Since 2006, BiLCEM researchers have been solving the world’s largest matrix and integral-equation problems in computational electromagnetics.

Recently they have been working on problems involving as many as one billion unknowns that require the solution of gigantic one billion by one billion matrix equations. Such an enormous task is accomplished at BiLCEM mainly by the fast mathematical solvers developed there. In addition, BiLCEM researchers are harnessing the raw power of supercomputers by utilizing high-level parallel computing strategies.

Researchers at the Bilkent University Computational Electromagnetics Research Center (BiLCEM) are working on a national project to design the future jet aircraft for the Turkish Air Force. Turkey is planning to replace its aging T-38 training aircraft and F-16 fighter jets with their next-generation counterparts starting in 2020.

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